Welcome to FYAD!

If you’re reading this, welcome to the new web presence of FYAD, the not-so-gentle, sandcastle-kicking, corporation! For years we’ve played the game in a manner that could only be described as serious. We’ve spear-headed intel programs of alliances, bankrolled entities that still own space today, and had a ton of fun along the way. But today, we take a step back and reinvent ourselves. Gone are the days of sleepless nights worrying over HR subchannels and API keys. Gone are the times spent managing moon incomes, running JF services, and taking on spacejobs. No more will we choose to partake in leadership meetings with people who care more about their internet spaceship importance than how much fun they could be having.

So, with a somewhat optimistic outlook and tone, I bring to you the idea of a revitalized FYAD. Without diving into a slew of serious analogies and likening us to the reincarnation of all that is fun, I’m going to outline what, and who, FYAD is.

Going forward, we are a corporation that puts fun before seriousness. A corporation that will engage when the odds aren’t clear-cut. We will fly ships, we will blow up, and we will laugh while we’re doing it...

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