About us


FYAD has a fairly lengthy history, going back to 2007 or so. We were originally named Unchained Potential (there was actually a few names before this, but they don’t warrant repeating due to how awful they were) and began our rather unimpressive Eve careers in a small, active highsec industrial hub called Akonoinen. It began as just myself (Maulth/Shoot2kili), Medic, Hazard117, and a few others. We started out with lowsec piracy, and eventually I branched off and began doing industry. As I became more proficient, I realized the necessity for more people to make our operations a little more large scale. As Medic and myself had already been in several corporations, we felt that it was better to go against the grain in what we had seen. We wanted quality people instead of high numbers. Filling a fleet means nothing if you dislike half the people in it. So we began to recruit. We took everyone who had a good attitude and was willing to work towards things as a group. Most corporations required a skill point minimum, or vouches, or a set amount of time to play. We took everyone. Trials, newbies, veterans; everyone. Over the next few months people joined who would become life-long friends. Decafon, Mr Jomaxant, Creatnos, WhiteyUSMC, Strykermatt, Strykerzan, Khaine Takai, Piranhas, Rhalar, and so many more. For quite a while we were content, and had fun exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of the game.


Eventually, however, our core grew beyond what we felt high-sec could offer us. So we struck out to find groups of like-minded individuals in which we could achieve our goals. We joined several alliances that have since faded into obscurity. Syndicate of Independent Nations, Aeon Sequence and eventually Hand That Feeds became homes to us. We left each in turn due to problems in management, alliance decay, or change in focus and direction. We knew what we wanted, but were unsure how to achieve it. Eventually, Hand That Feeds merged with another alliance named Excessum Gaming. After a brief tussle with the new leadership, FYAD split and took over Hand That Feeds instead. We used the alliance to go to Delve, of all places. You see, IT alliance had just lost all of their sov in Delve, and had been revealed to be a paper tiger. So, we began hitting their sov and taking systems and stations. Unfortunately, our little coalition (Hand That Feeds, Ultra-Violence, Chaos Theory, and BRUCE (not proud of that one)) attracted the attention of a now content hungry Pandemic Legion. After a few months of essentially gaining no ground against the vastly superior Pandemic Legion combat prowess, we were offered a home in TEST Alliance Please Ignore. We took all of HTF and merged them into our corporation (Named, at the time, as Unchained Potential). At the behest of Montolio, we joined a new project of his: TEST Friends Please Ignore. An alliance similar to an academy alliance, where quality corporations were able to graduate into TEST proper. After some initial choppy waters, we were welcomed into DAWWW with open arms. After a month or two we graduated into TEST proper, and thus began the transition of our values, unfortunately. We began to take intelligence more seriously, API’s, spies, space-jobs. Eve took on a whole new, and seemingly exciting, meaning. After almost a year, we realized our model was unsustainable. The drama, work, and constant nagging just didn’t have a place with us. So we took Unchained Potential back to high-sec to die, intending to join another corporation instead of running our own. As a group, we joined The Milkmen, the corporation of good friends of Maulth, Bottle ofMilk, and Viktor Villiance. Having every intention of just playing the game and not taking anything too seriously, FYAD grew. As it did, Bottle had some fairly serious health problems flair up. Maulth was made a military director, and found a good friend in Daquaris. Daquaris was one of the leads on TIA (TEST Intelligence Agency) underneath of Administrator of Dreddit. It was during this time Maulth learned his love of spying, and learned a good deal about it from Daquaris. Eventually, Bottle had to leave Eve on a permanent basis, entrusting the corporation to Viktor Villiance. Viktor, who had absolutely no intention of leading the corporation, asked Maulth if he would be interested in running it. Knowing that the alternative was closing up shop, Maulth took over as CEO in 2012 and has been saddled with it since. During the time up until Bottles resignation, a great many good people joined FYAD. Jiraid Chu, Baine Reynolds, and many more have ironically been in FYAD the corporation prior to Maulth coming to be there.


During the next two years, FYAD spent almost all of its time in TEST, picking up great members along the way. Elohsa, Weekoldtaco, Mack Yacken, and many great members joined during the period of 2012-2013. Daquaris became the official TIA director with JetTiger, ¬†Dave Holewka, and Maulth as sub-directors. Dave was also a Skirmish Commander, and Maulth was one of the Diplos assigned to the CFC. During this time BoodaBooda took over the reins of leadership from Montolio, subsequently dismantling the Honey Badger Coalition. Viktor Villiance wound up as 2iC of TEST, while Maulth took over as TIA director. During this time FYAD had a very high burnout rate, losing JetTiger, Dave, and Daquaris to IRL stuff because the game became very stagnant and jobbish. Eventually TEST lost it’s space during the Fountain war, due in part to Sort Dragons betrayal, and the remaining leadership in FYAD burned out. The corp staggered on for a little while, bleeding a few members along the way. but eventually went into stasis. Maulth eventually resigned from TIA, deciding instead to remove FYAD from TEST for an attempt to find something that would drive his passion back into the game again.


FYAD left TEST on good terms and formed a new alliance, Real Alliance Such Relevance. It started as a gimmick alliance, but eventually developed good relations (thanks in part to several key members of FYAD, specifically Max and Creatnos) with the local Russian alliance, LSH. Baine Reynolds was one of the only active titan pilots in FYAD at the time, and assisted the Russians in fighting some of the German based alliances in Eastern Aridia. Real Alliance gained a few corps, specifically Armored Apocalypse from a friend of Maulths, Zerk. Eventually, Maulth had to leave the game for a bit, passing leadership of the alliance to Zerk. FYAD went into a bit of a lul at this time, and eventually external pressures and bad luck forced Zerk to close the doors.

During this time, FYAD returned to highsec and wandered around a bit, settling on war dec’ing for content. They fought against Brave and a few other bigger alliances, but it was mostly an unfair turkey shoot. FYAD got a ton of kills under its belt without any significant losses to speak of, and took to making money for a few months. We jumped into Archeage and a few other games, picking up people such as DthAngel, Cossit, and Knarf (by proxy).

In July of 2015, Maulth reached out in search of another alliance. Hoping to find something that would reinvigorate everyone, he stumbled upon a small alliance based in Tenerifis named Empyreus. They were tiny, and seemed to be somewhat pets, from the outside. Originally responding to conversations from Ellegos1, Maulth and Piranhas jumped into their teamspeak to chat with them. After listening to Abinus Sertan, the alliance Exec, Fletcher Wolfe, Ellegos, and a few of the others, Maulth and Piranhas were sold and joined almost immediately. Empyreus proved to be a great decision as Abinus was a stellar, if a little inexperienced, leader. Abinus reminded many of the FYAD guys of a younger Montolio, someone whom they had deep respect for. During the next few months, Empyreus proved their strength in Tenerifis, hitting far above their weight class. This was thanks in part to Abinus’s abilities as an FC, as well as the dedication from members like Fletcher Wolfe and Sorcha Majir to aggressively pursue things that benefited the alliance. However, Sorcha was carrying a massive financial burden on behalf of the alliance. Eventually, this led to quite a few heated discussions about financial oversight, and the alliance went through some leadership turmoil.

During this time, Against All Authorities had split into two different entities. INFAMOUS and -A-. Abinus had been targeting -A- assets in nearby Catch, capturing a handful of money moons. With a revitalized playerbase, however, and a now sundered BRAVE, INFAMOUS gained quite a few new members, being able to deploy even numbers against PYRE. During this time, PYRE and INFAMOUS had a ton of fights, and content was flowing. But, SOVIET UNION, seeing the fun, decided to instead invade Tenerifis. This effectively ended PYRE’s tenure in the region as GCLUB, their closest ally, was eventually overrun by SU and it’s coalition. During this time, Maulth had been looking for alternatives for livable space. FYAD has spent a majority of it’s lifetime in Fountain, and with the recent total collapse of Black Legion, and the semi-reformation under the banner of The-Culture, a large chunk of Fountain had opened up. In a somewhat heated leadership meeting, Abinus pitched the idea of Fountain to Alliance Command. There was a lot of discussion, but it was eventually decided that Fountain was as good a choice as any. Abinus and Ribor presented the idea to the rest of the alliance. FYAD, to a man, was onboard. However, a few people and a corp decided to leave the alliance entirely rather than give Fountain a shot. Ironically, most of the people that left wound up living next door in Delve. So Empyreus moved to Fountain.

During PYRE’s stay in Fountain, they took the Mermaid constellation, constantly fighting with the inhabbitants of NPC Fountain, though they were no real threat by themselves. It was during this time that FYAD was the most active in years, putting quite a few members in fleet. Bringing in new recruits such as LifeReaper Dirk Starfire. Things began to look up for PYRE as they took several nearby money moons, shored up the ADM’s under the new Aegis sov, and gained a staunch ally in the ex-TEST corporation Star Frontiers. SF created their own alliance, Brotherhood of Spacers. They began taking moons and sov outside of the Mermaid pocket. Eventually, this drew the attention of The-Culture, who began reaching out to take moons West of the KVN- divide. During this time, a disgruntled corp CEO defected his corporation to The Culture. Things were a bit shaky, but still manageable. However, Abinus received some shocking news IRL and had to immediately forfeit his time earmarked for Eve. Unfortunately, this led to him asking either Sorcha or Maulth if they would rather take over the alliance, or shut it down. They decided to shut the alliance down on a good note. Stef Darklighter was named interim CEO, but the alliance wound up dwindling away, quite a few of the active and talented members such as Jedi and Bosswoman joining Star Frontiers. A lot of people from PYRE kept in touch with the members of FYAD, such as the corp MEMFI, but FYAD essentially went into stasis. Maulth was extremely burned out, and it was nearing Spring anyway, a historically dead period in Eve corporations.

Over that particular stasis, Maulth had been planning FYAD’s reemergence into Eve, staging Citadels and mentally reorganizing the corporation. In November of 2016, Abinus, now with a little free time, approached Maulth about shaking off the dust and playing Eve again, and their plans were put into motion. Now FYAD is living in Litiura and the future is looking pretty great with the prospect of Alpha clones.