Welcome to FYAD!

If you’re reading this, welcome to the new web presence of FYAD, the not-so-gentle, sandcastle-kicking, corporation! For years we’ve played the game in a manner that could only be described as serious. We’ve spear-headed intel programs of alliances, bankrolled entities that still own space today, and had a ton of fun along the way. But today, we take a step back and reinvent ourselves. Gone are the days of sleepless nights worrying over HR subchannels and API keys. Gone are the times spent managing moon incomes, running JF services, and taking on spacejobs. No more will we choose to partake in leadership meetings with people who care more about their internet spaceship importance than how much fun they could be having.

So, with a somewhat optimistic outlook and tone, I bring to you the idea of a revitalized FYAD. Without diving into a slew of serious analogies and likening us to the reincarnation of all that is fun, I’m going to outline what, and who, FYAD is.

Going forward, we are a corporation that puts fun before seriousness. A corporation that will engage when the odds aren’t clear-cut. We will fly ships, we will blow up, and we will laugh while we’re doing it. We will mine, and build, and enjoy the game as we see fit. We will knock over castles and erect our own in their place. We will do all of this as a group, and in a way that ensures that we have fun. We will recruit ANYONE who meshes well with our culture. Whether they are an hour old newbie, or a bittervet so seasoned that the salt is falling like dandruff from their weathered scalp. As long as they help us create and maintain an enjoyable environment, they are welcome. We will be attempting to dip our toes into a bit of everything, to be agile and diverse enough to keep people interested and invested. Mining, missions, mayhem, wormholes, null-sec, piracy. We will not limit ourselves by selecting a standard to measure ourselves against as a lot of corporations do, as we have done in the past. We will organize what needs to be organized, but stop short of tedium and repetitiveness. Our goal is to create an environment that makes FYAD more than just some space guild in a space game. It’s the group you can’t wait to get home and play games with, the group you fly to Kansas to hang out with, the guys and gals who get you. We are going to be fun, we are going to be casual, and we are going to be the last corporation, hopefully, that you will ever want to join!

So, putting aside hyperbole and literary constructs for a second, here’s what we’re doing:

Basing in Litiura – FYAD has several citadels anchored there. These contain a plethora of functions to our group, focusing heavily on the industrial side. The slots are open to all within the corporation. Next door, we have a nice lowsec entry with quite a bit of activity. We are within 10 jumps of 2 separate nullsec pipes, and a very active Faction Warfare zone. We have a ton of potential content at our fingertips, as well as our Wormhole Citadel home for ISK making opportunities.


Furthermore, we plan to remain somewhat fluid in our environment. If we get war dec’d, we will fight them and create content in other ways that doesn’t require being solo hunted. If we get bored with our area, we can easily, and quickly, transition into Faction Warfare for a time. If we want some more “engaging” content, we have lots of black ops capable pilots and plenty of targets in our surroundings. We have chosen a home that allows us to switch play-styles on a dime, and have fun engaging in group activities.


If you’re new to the corporation, I welcome you. I’d highly suggest reading (once I complete them, of course) our informational pages at the top of the website, and our corporate bulletins detailing Slack and other relevant tools for you to use. You’ve joined a corporation that legitimately cares more about their members than its space prestige, spaceships, or other things of a pixely nature.



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