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Server information

All you need to know about FYAD Gaming in Ark!

Server Rates

10x Taming
10x Experience
5x Gather
20 percent Reduction in Hunger, Stamina, and Water consumption
3x structure resistance
2x Turret Damage to Dinos

Mod List

Metal With Glass Set
Annunaki Genesis
Ark Advance
No Collision Structures
Offline Raid Protection
Building Xtras
Elemental Swords
Extra Ark: Doors
SNT Plus – Conveyor belt
Indominus Rex

Our Pledge

The admin tribe – FYAD – will not participate in raiding. Admins will attempt to help you as time and fairness permit. Admin abuse is not tolerated or allowed on the server, and our admins closely check their own, and other admin behaviors for absolute impartiality. Keep in mind, however, that members of the FYAD Gaming community actively participate in PvP and other aspects of Ark: Survival Evolved. We hold them to the same, if not higher, standard as we do all of the members of our server.

Remember: Its just a game!

Remember, at the end of the day, Ark is just a video game. Enjoy your time on our server, make new friends, bring your own: But remember that its a video game and everyone is here to have fun. We do not tolerate toxic behavior or attitudes in our community. So please, before you say something stupid in an attempt to ruin someones day, re-think it.

Slack – Our platform

FYAD actively utilizes a free, light-weight application called Slack. It runs in almost any browser, has a windows 7 (or newer) desktop application, and works on every major smart phone OS. It’s a great way to get your tribe active, ready, and organized as well as promotes a sense of community. Tribes can make their own private channels, and invite their members to them without anyone else being able to join! Or, if you like, you can make your channel public to all to allow anyone from the FYAD server to join and chat.

To create an account for our Slack, register here https://fyadslackinvite.herokuapp.com/

VOIP services are coming soon!

Server Rules:

Number One rule: Don't be a dick. This doesn't mean you can't PvP, it simply means that killing a brand new player, then lording over him, is a really good way to get a temporary, or even permanent, timeout from the server. If you're angry about something, let an admin know. Don't start raging in chat and calling names.

Do not enclose platform saddled animals. No boxed in animals. Period. It's frankly incredibly game-breaking, and unrealistic.

Toxicity is not tolerated, in any form. You want to be an edgy 14 year old? Go back to League of Legends.

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The Admin team

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Favorite game: Eve Online
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He calls himself that because the angel of death is constantly knocking on his dust-covered door.

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